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Bone & Joint Health

Bone Essense™ with Kolla2® and more
U. S. Patent #: 6838440

60 capsules
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Bone Essense™ with Kolla2® and more is a U.S. Patented formula for promoting bone & joint health and relieving joint stress.

  • A U.S. Patented and clinically tested product (No. 6838440) with unique formula for bone & joint health improvement.
  • Improve joint comfort and function.*
  • Helps lubricate, rejuvenate and re-hydrate for general joints health.*
  • Helps maintain, support and lubricate joints, ligaments and bones through nutrition and supplementation.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Bone Essense™ is developed based on latest breakthroughs in research of human bone and joint health. When people are aging, our bodies begin a gradual loss of collagen, and due to physical degradation, cartilage between the joints becomes thin and uneven, causing stress when joints move. Supplementing with Kolla2 (patented collagen type II) replenishes body's collagen II. Taken orally, Kolla2 will be digested, absorbed and spread through the body, especially to the joints. This digested product contains rare amino acids and special peptides needed for bones and joints, and will help rehydrate, rejuvenate, maintain and support bone and joint cartilage.

Bone Essense™ also provides calcium. We now know calcium alone—even combined with vitamin D—does not do enough to rebalance natural bone loss. Coupled with Kolla2, calcium can be better absorbed by the human body. Combining Kolla2 and calcium with Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid, this product helps strengthen bone quality and health. This unique Bone Essence formula works in a remarkably rapid manner to continually maintain and support joint and bone health.

Bone Essense™ is developed by Best in Nature®. Our superior and innovative formulations are scientifically designed and researched. Best in Nature® products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities and distributed globally.

Bone Essense™ #5403704 is a Trademark of Best in Nature®

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules                      Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calcium(as calcium citrate) 100 mg 10%
Kolla2 (proprietary Unhydrolyzed Chicken Sternal Collagen Type II) 600 mg *
Glucosamine HCI 300 mg *
Chondrotin Sulphate(as Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium) 80 mg *
MSM(Methysulfonylmethane) 60mg *
* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: gelatin and purified water.

 Suggested Use:
Take two capsules twice daily with meals as a dietary supplement.

  • Miss Wang from China, Harbin, left a WeChat message: My mother is 83 years old and has been using crutches for the last 3 years due to knee problems. After taking Bone Essense twice a day with her meals, she can walk for a few minutes without her walking stick. She said that her knees feel much stronger and she is more confident walking for short bouts. We're happy to have found Bone Essense!

  • Mr. Miao from LA left a message on WeChat: "I am in my 70s. Ten years ago, I suddenly had stiffness in my right shoulder and on my knees, which seriously affected my life. So I decided to take acupuncture, massages, apply different ointments, take various medicines, and they all had little to no effect on me. By chance, I saw in the newspaper that an American patented product, Bone Essense, contains Kolla2 (patented Collagen Type II), which has surpassed the research and efficacy of collagen in the past ten years. It is truly a pioneering work of contemporary Orthopedics! It provides ingredients for bone density and joint flexibility. I bought 7 bottles with an open mentality. To my surprise, after taking it for 3 months, the stiffness in my shoulder and knee joints had significantly lessened. After 6 months, it has completely returned to normal! Since then, I have been a loyal customer of Bone Essence, which has been consistent for more than ten years. This product has helped me and my joints to keep moving. Every two years I go for a bone mineral density test and the results are good! Practice is the only standard to test the truth. I recommend this product to everyone!

  • WeChat message from Mr. Yu from Wuhan: "The main problem with my parent's health is the trouble they have walking due to their joints not being as flexible as they used to be." Mr. Yu, who works in Calcutta, India, always buys Bone Essence for his parents. His parents have been using Bone Essence for several years now. Since using Bone Essence Mr. Yu's parent's knee joints have improved. Mr. Yu's father has said to him that they cannot do without Bone Essence and will always take Bone Essence for their health.

  • From Mr. Wang in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles. His left shoulder and the knee joint on his right leg has been very stiff and has seriously affected his travel. Mr. Wang used Bone Essense - taking 4 capsules a day and also applied Joint Essence Cream with Glucosamine, Boswellin, Capsaicin everyday. After about 5-6 days, he experienced more flexibility and noticed a significant improvement from before using Bone Essense and Joint Essence Cream. He is very grateful for the help that Bone Essense provided.

  • From Mrs. Li from Hangzhou left Best in Nature a message on WeChat: I have used Bone Essense since 2017; the joint stiffness I had during my menopausal period has eased, and now I feel much more flexible and mobile. My husband also used Bone Essense and he has a much easier time being active. I took SleepBest recently and after three weeks it gradually showed the effect that it had on my sleeping schedule. Before taking SleepBest, it was difficult to fall asleep and I was easily woken up. After taking SleepBest, I now get better sleep and can easily fall asleep around 11 o'clock, and wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning with no issues. I get better sleep now and not worried! Many thanks to these health supplements.

  • Mr. Xia from Beijing left a review: My father has been using Bone Essence for many years and has seen significant effects on his joint stiffness. My mom used to not be able to move her wrists too well to the point she had trouble cooking. Now both of my parents highly trust the product and have been taking it daily for years. They even bring it with them on vacations to protect and maintain their bone health. Buying multiple sets can be pretty economical and we can accumulate points for rewards because they look after old customers.

  • Ms. Xu from Hainan left Best in Nature a review on Weidian: "I've bought Bone Essence, Vigorheart, and Vitabrain many times because they work really well. My knees used to rattle when I sat down or stood up and it would take me some time to get up. After taking Bone Essense, I noticed a significant improvement from before. I’ve been using Bone Essence for over two years and I will continue purchasing for my long term prevention and maintenance.”

  • Mr. Guo from Beijing, China, left a message for Best in Nature: I’ve been buying [Bone Essense] since 2006. My mom is 60+ years old and spent long periods of time in high temperature warehouses doing laborious work and doesn’t feel as mobile as she used to. I heard from a neighbor that [Bone Essense ] worked pretty well for him. He used to be worried about walking but with the help of [Bone Essense], would go on walks and even exercise. I got a set for my mother so she could take it for about three months and she saw visible improvements. My mom says every day that, “[Bone Essense] is the best!” In the summer months she used to wear another layer of pants, needed to take a break after a short walk, and her knees couldn’t support the weight of her body; but now everything is great. Since she had been consistently taking [Bone Essense], I’ve looked into [Bone Essense] and its combination of Type II Collagen and calcium is more effective than just regular calcium supplements. For my dear mom’s health, I will be a consistent customer!

  • Famous celebrity Mr. Qiu from Chongqing left us a WeChat message: My mother and mother-in-law are both 80+ years old and using your products such as Bone Essense and Vitabrain. My mother-in-law has always had stiff joints which has fortunately gone away thanks to Bone Essense. Now my whole family shops on your website and we find it very convenient. Thank you for coming up with such great products and allowing us to live such happy and productive lives. Now everybody is more health conscious, and we’ve recommended your products to many of our friends in Chongqing.

  • Mrs. Luo is from New York and loves photography very much. She is 73 years old now and has been taking [Bone Essense] since 60 years old. When she goes out to photograph, her good health supports walking, hiking and other activities. Mrs. Luo said, “My knees used to rattle when I was walking, my friend recommended [Bone Essense] to me, so I went to “Starside Drugs” Pharmacy in New York to try it. It has been so effective after taking it only for a week, and I think it must be the key component, Kolla 2. [Bone Essense] is helpful to me, I also have recommended it to my friends, and ordered it to my relatives as a gift. In addition, I am taking [VitaBrain] , [VigorHeart] and [Eye Care Essense], all branded by Best in Nature.”

  • Mrs. Zheng from South California, 50 years old (phone no. 657-444-xxxx). In recent years, her right thumb joint has been locking up from excessive cell phone use. After taking [Bone Essense] for 6 months as a daily supplement, the joints in her hand are much at ease and she can type and use her cell phone freely. She is very grateful for the help of [Bone Essense].

  • “Using Bone Essense helped with knee flexibility.” Ms. Guo from Walnut, Los Angeles, California . Her mother-in-law is 85 years old and lives in China. She had issues with her knees that made it difficult to go up or down the stairs. She was especially anxious and scared to go down the stairs, because that meant she would have to go back up the stairs as well, and going up the stairs was the hardest. She took Bone Essense for two years, and now going up and down the stairs is completely fine and her knees feel stronger and more flexible.

  • Mr. Zheng from Shandong in his 60s, he is the founder of a private business, and had six ribs fractured after a car accident 6 months ago. The doctor said that at this age it was not easy to fully recover and might take longer than usual. With a friend's recommendation, Mr. Zheng took Bone Essense from Best in Nature, which is a unique formula for bone & joint health improvement as supplements. He’s continued taking two capsules of Bone Essense with breakfast and dinner daily assisted by other treatments. Mr. Zheng has fully recovered with the help of Bone Essense. Now he can play the erhu (Chinese violin) and take care of his grandchild. Mr. Zheng is very happy and would like to express his appreciation for Best in Nature and is willing to share with others. His friend ordered Bone Essense online again for him.

  • Li Jiang posted on Wechat, “I started taking Bone Essense in May this year, and after 6 weeks, my shoulder moves much more easily than before.” She has insisted on taking Bone Essense ever since. She said Bone Essense worked very well for her and she would recommend Bone Essense to her friends and family! She also said she's the type of person who is dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise. But due to age-related joint degradation, Yoga and walking aren’t as easy as they used to be. Mrs. Li strongly recommends Bone Essense!

  • At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Shen, who lives in San Gabriel, California, ordered 25 bottles of BONE ESSENSE as gifts for her relatives in Taiwan. She told us that she has been taking BONE ESSENSE over the past year, which has helped relieve her bone and joint problems. Mrs. Shen strongly agreed that the products really worked and would like to recommend it to people around her!

  • Mr. Chen (Wenzhou, China) who contacted customer service of Best in Nature through WeChat, ordered two packages of Bone Essense. He said that Bone Essense made his knees feel much better than before. In the past two weeks, Mr. Chen ordered 7 packages of Bone Essense in total for his family and friends.

  • Ms. Zhou (Rowland Heights, California) had knee problems when going upstairs. She felt significantly improved after taking Bone Essense. Ms. Zhou’s sister has also benefited from Bone Essense. Ms. Zhou also takes Best Rei-Shi Plus, which helps her sleep better at night. Her appetite is much better.

  • Professor Wei, from Guangzhou, is 50 years old. Due to long standing times for work, Prof. Wei often feels a bit of joint stiffness. Prof. Wei's friend Lai ordered her BONE ESSENSE, and she has been taking them for a few months now. Now she says she has a much easier time walking and standing during work and after!

  • Mrs. Zhong from Guangzhou Bai Yun District, is 78 years old. She has leg cramps every night during sleep, which cause her trouble sleeping. Mrs. Zhong tried many things, such as applying a hot compress, which have not been really effective for her. One month ago, Mrs. Zhong started taking BONE ESSENSE. To her surprise, she does not have leg cramps anymore. Mrs. Zhong happily said she would recommend BONE ESSENSE to her friends!

  • Mr. Lai, from San Francisco, California, called saying that his 83 year old mother had trouble with her joints in the winter so Mr. Lai ordered her BONE ESSENSE, and she took them orally for a month. Mrs Lai feels her joints are much more at ease, and she enjoys talking about BONE ESSENSE's effectiveness. Recently, she ordered BONE ESSENSE for her friends living in Europe.

  • Serena Wang has been feeling a bit of joint degradation, and has been hearing a cracking sound in her knees. Recently, her doctor suggested taking BONE ESSENCE to see if it made any improvements. After taking them for two weeks, she felt positive effects, and insisted on taking BONE ESSENCE. So far, the weakness, and the knee sound were greatly improved, and the BMD also increased. On March 12, 2015, Ms. Wang purchased more BONE ESSENCE for her friends to share.

  • Fan Tongxing, Tianjin Foreign Language School founder, has been concerned about her bones over the years. She had previously taken a lot of health care products, but none of them really helped. Some even hurt her stomach. A year ago, her student Mr. Chen bought her BONE ESSENCE. With taking BONE ESSENCE, her stomach feels more comfortable, and most importantly, the catagmatic range is becoming significantly better.

  • May 24, 2015, we got a message from Mr. Chen, who said he graduated from the Military Academy, and due to his long term job, he has been suffering from lumbar disc for more than three years. During these years, Mr. Chen tried many treatments, e.g. massage, Acupuncture, chiro traction, etc. However, none of them helped. Last year, his wife bought Bone Essence for him. After taking Bone Essense for a few months, with 4 capsules daily, he felt relieved from the discomfort, thus he wrote the letter to express his appreciation to Best in Nature.

  • January 10, 2015, Jack, a young man from Melbourne, Australia, called in and said he needed an urgent purchase since he was leaving the US the next day. He said lots of people in Australia knew about Bone Essense. It was his mom who recommended Bone Essense to his father at first, and the results were very good. Unfortunately, his father's old elbow joint trouble came back again because of the cold weather. After taking Bone Essense, he felt better than before. With complete satisfaction about the product, his dad asked him to buy more Bone Essense, so Jack rushed in to make the purchase.

  • Ms. Li, from New Jersey, USA, is a regular customer of our company. In the past, she used to order BONE ESSENCE every three months. But recently, Ms. Li began ordering our product every month, and she even began to double her order. She even considers herself an unofficial ambassador. Ms. Li said, since taking BONE ESSENCE, she felt like her bones and joints were stronger. Later on, she recommended BONE ESSENCE to her older sister, who was worried about her mobility as she aged. Ms. Li's sister tried lots of things in the past, such as acupuncture and taking some other health products. Unfortunately, none of them made her feel much different. However, since starting to take one set of BONE ESSENCE, Ms. Li's sister can bend her knees better, and she can even go for walks now. Ms. Li considers herself a bit of a skeptic, but after looking into BONE ESSENCE's ingredients, she said "KOLLA2 is amazingly helpful!"

  • Mr. Zhang, an international student in Los Angeles, California, said that his aunt, 65-year-old, living in Ningbo, China, had a bone density test and her index was -2.6. After taking Bone Essense for 6 weeks, the bone density index was increased up to -2.0, and the cracking sound in her knees was gone (Editor's note: bone density index -1 to -2.5 indicates low bone density, below -2.5 is problematic). She took calcium and magnesium supplements for more than 6 months, but the bone density index didn't improve. Mr. Zhang's friend told him that type II collagen (Kolla2) would better maintain and support bones and joints for senior people. He thought about giving it a try, so Mr. Zhang bought his aunt one course of Bone Essense. Yesterday, his aunt sent him a message through WeChat saying the latest test result showed her bone density significantly improved. And she asked Mr. Zhang to mail her more Bone Essense. Mr. Zhang called in to express thanks!

  • Ms. Wu, from California, had some stiffness in her knee and leg. She began taking Bone Essense in April 2013, four capsules a day. Now, her legs and knees feel sturdy enough that she is free to walk around and even drive a car. She told her friends she thinks products like Bone Essense can be helpful for those who are aging and worried about decreased mobility.

  • “Bone Essense is the best product I have ever used. This health product is very gentle; it does not give me any side effects. Yet it makes me feel better and better every day. I really appreciate Best in Nature for bringing such a great product to the consumers (DAVID CHOU, Indiana, USA)

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