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Vision Care Eye Massager


Fashionable design, multiple colors

Radiation protection, UV protection!

Precise vibration massage with infrared heat

With unique, ergonomic design, Eureka Eye Massager is fashionable, personable, and comfortable. It is great for the home, students, and professionals:

  • Effects on eye strai:
  • Infrared heat compression provides heat to the ocular region with up to 107F, which is the most comfortable temperature to human body. It helps to expand capillaries and promote blood circulation.

    Rhythmic vibration relieves eye fatigue and tension. Radiation and UV protection protect your eyes by filtering out harmful UV rays and delays cataract.

  • Effects on dry eyes
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the main cause of dry eye syndrome, which accounts for about 70% of dry eye cases. Dry eye symptoms appear when glands in and around the eyelids do not produce enough quality tears. The eye massager relieves dry eyes by heating the eye socket area, loosening up the oil secretions of the glands, therefore clearing up the glands and restoring normal tear production.

    Local heat compression of the ocular area also expands the capillaries and improves the blood circulation of the accessory lacrimal glands, which improves the functions of these glands and relieves dry eye symptoms caused by the dysfunction of these glands.

  • Effects on presbyopia:
  • Heat compression around the eyes enhances blood circulation and metabolism, nourishes crystalline lens and helps to restore its elasticity and flexibility, which delays presbyopia.

    Massaging of the key meridians around the eyes enhances blood and energy flow, according to the theory of Chinese acupuncture, which further delays the process of presbyopia.

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