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Personal Protective Equipment

Disposable Protective Mask

50 pcs/box

Standard Protection
Safe and Reliable
Comfortable Fabric
Good Breathability

This product is a professional disposable protective mask with a fluid-resistant blue outer layer, a layer of melt blown cloth, a fluid-resistant white inner layer, and a safety ear hook. This mask meets the following standards: ASTM Level 4 performance level, with fluid resistance, filtration value, breathability and flammability.


Adults, School-age Children


  1. Hold ear-loops and nosepiece up.
  2. Pull the ear-loops to each ear, hang it on until comfortable, position the mask to fit closely to the face.
  3. Using both hands, mold the nosepiece to the shape of your nose by pushing downward and outward, while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece.


This product is composed of a layer of melt-blown cloth and two layers of PP non-woven fabric. There are three layers for air filters, which can effectively filter harmful substances. The rational mask design, along with adjustable ear straps, help to ensure tightness. The increased breathing volume of the mask improves breathability. The metal texture of the nose bridge lasts for a long time, making it more comfortable to wear and breathe.


It is suitable for protection against harmful particles such as viruses, bacteria, saliva droplets, dust, pollen, PM 2.5 haze, and can protect from the wind and cold.


DO NOT use the mask with others.

DO NOT use the mask in a hypoxia environment.


Store in a dry, ventilated, hygienic and non-corrosive gas environment.

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