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Men's Health

Best Kidney-One

60 capsules
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Modern science has confirmed that kidney health is indeed critical for the overall health of the body. Kidney failure is often linked to problems occurring in other organs and systems that lead to diseases and common ailments. High blood pressure, fatigue, impotence, joint and back pain, and even ringing in the ears can all be symptomatic of unhealthy kidneys. Many regard kidney health as the key to longevity.

Chronic renal failure is a life-threatening condition that often affects the elderly. Patients with kidney problems often suffer from hypertension, proteinuria and anemia.

Renal dysfunction can lead to acute and chronic nephritis, urinary tract infection, urine incontinence, renal failure, uremia etc.

Renal failure and uremia are complicated diseases that affect large numbers of people. Besides the use of dialysis, there are hardly any satisfactory methods to deal with renal dysfunction in recent years.

Kidneys are the primary organs responsible for waste excretion in the human body and are also essential in maintaining homeostasis.

Best Kidney-One is the key to kidney health, composed of Donquai, Alisma, Motherwort, Polygonum Aviculare and other herbal extracts which can be absorbed quickly into the body without any side effects.

Benefits of Best Kidney-One

  1. Regulate the immune system and normalize blood metabolism
  2. Promote glomerular and tubular regeneration and absorption
  3. Balance fluid metabolism to reduce strain on kidneys

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules                                 Servings Per Container:30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Angelica sinesis 100 mg *
Alismatis Orientalis Rhizoma 150 mg *
Leonuri Heterophylli Herba 150 mg *
Polygoni Aviculari Herba 100 mg *
* Daily Value not established.

 Suggested Use:
as a dietary supplement, please take two to three capsules an hour after meals, two to three times daily.
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • From Mrs. Dong in Shanghai, China. Her proteinuria index was too high, and her glomerular filtration rate was relatively poor. After taking traditional Chinese medicine, it was gradually getting better, but the blood protein index was not as stable as it should be. Later, she found that [kidney one] could repair the glomeruli, so she began to take it. After taking [kidney one] with traditional Chinese medicine for a period of time, the feeling of fatigue and immobility disappeared, and her proteinuria index was also more stable. Sometimes Mrs. Dong feels uncomfortable after eating seafood, so she then takes [kidney one] with traditional Chinese medicine. It helps her recover quickly. The effect of [kidney one] is relatively stable, so she always insists on taking it.

  • Mr.Liu from New York, (Phone number#: 518-869-63xx),is 73 years old. He used to have high blood pressure and high blood glucose. He took [Vigor Heart] and [Gluco Best] for a long time and felt better. Last month when he did the annual health check, the creatinine value was 127 which means the kidney function has been slowly worse. Mr. Liu trusted in Best in Nature, so he began to take [Kidney-One]from Best in Nature. After 2 weeks, he felt much better. So, Mr.Liu recommends Best in Nature's products to his friends and relatives.

  • Mr.Zhang from Guangdong sent us an email said that since last year he often felt back pain and frequent urination at night. He didn't need a heater in winter before but now he always feels cold. From March this year, he had some sexual dysfunction. Although Mr. Zhang has tried some medicine and it slightly improved, he didn't feel good. A friend who has similar symptoms recommend [Kidney-One]to him. After two bottles of [Kidney-One], the back pain has gone and he felt better. Now Mr. Zhang wants to buy more [Kidney-One]from Best in Nature.

  • Mrs. Lee recently felt waist sore and tired all day. She also has low menstruation and sometimes accompanied by dizziness. She has bought [Bone Essense]before and it improved her joint pain so she decided to try [Kidney-One]. After a few weeks, some symptoms were much better, especially the waist was not too sore. She can even go hiking with friends. Now Mrs. Lee wants to buy some[Kidney-One]from Best in Nature for her husband.

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